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Earring Trends


You may be accustomed to wearing your earrings the conventional way - a matching pair, one in each ear - but why not change things up and try one of the many alternative ways of wearing them? Read on for some fabulous ideas for shaking things up in your jewelry box.

8E6650AV MULTI copy Mixed Pairs

Mixed Pairs

If you remember, way back in the eighties, there was a trend to wear two different earrings instead of a pair. The trend didn’t last long, but it’s certainly worth revisiting. Try purchasing the same design in both gold and silver, or in different colors, and wear one of each. If you have multiple piercings, you could wear a matching pair in one ear, and a different matching pair in the other. Also, try a stud on the left, and a dangling earring on the right. If you have a lot of single earrings with missing mates, this is the trend for you.

Multiple Piercings

7679SD Multiple Piercings

Multiple ear piercings are so common that many, if not most people have them these days. The most popular configuration is to have a second or third piercing on the lobe right next to the primary one. But, a lot of people choose to pierce their cartilage in various spots, or pierce the tragus, which is the little inner flap. Cartilage and tragus piercings look great with studs or small hoops. Many alternative piercings can be quite painful with long healing periods, so be sure to do your research and find a reputable piercer if considering one of these for your own ears.

8E6656AV DIVI ARBUS EARRINGS copy Two-Part Earrings

Two-Part Earrings

A fairly new trend is to wear earrings that have two parts, one on the front and one on the back. Picture a dolphin diving through your earlobe, or it being enveloped by a heart. These earrings look fabulous on those with short hair, or worn with an updo. A different kind of two-part earring is one that has two studs connected by a chain that you place in multiple piercings in the same ear. The possibilities are endless!

YRZE020069 TQ_1 Vintage Flair

Vintage Flair

Vintage, estate, or antique earrings are not a new trend, but certainly one you can experiment with if you haven’t in the past. Look online, go to estate sales, or visit Grandma to find these charming baubles. Don’t be afraid to try clip-on earrings, even if you’re pierced. And if you find that you don’t like this look on yourself, you can repurpose the earrings as brooches, hatpins, or shoe clips.


Decorating one’s body with earrings is a form of body modification that has been around for millennia. People of all ages, and from just about every culture, have used metal, wood, clay, precious gems, stones, and pearls of every shape, size, and configuration as earrings, both decoratively, or with cultural significance. There are no hard and fast rules for how to wear earrings. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you!